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Why you should join Bloglovin’

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Do you know about Bloglovin’? It’s a community for both bloggers and blog lovers. Disclaimer: This post was not solicited, and I was not compensated in any way, shape, or form, for writing this post. Bloglovin’ is great for Bloggers because…  You’re able to keep in touch with other Bloggers’ […]

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Advice on how (not) to start a blog

How (Not) To Start A Blog

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Well, folks, it’s time to get this blog started.  So…I’m going to tell you how i got this blog started!  Original, huh? There are thousands of blog posts out there (wonderful. helpful posts!) that tell you how to start a blog the easy way.  I’m going to tell you how […]

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  Greetings! I have been agonizing over this first post for months now…and the time has come to get on with it. So, I sat down on the couch with notepad and pen in hand (yes I do my best thinking the old-fashioned way) and thought… I need some coffee! Put notepad and pen down, […]

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