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Wordpress for Beginners - Headings

WordPress for Beginners – Publishing your first post – Headings

Designed in Canva So today, I’m going to help you learn how to use html headings in your WordPress blog posts. This issue came up last week when Sharon was ready to publish her blog post and wanted a couple of headings in her Web copy, so I know that this article will come up […]

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Advice on how (not) to start a blog

How (Not) To Start A Blog

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Well, folks, it’s time to get this blog started.  So…I’m going to tell you how i got this blog started!  Original, huh? There are thousands of blog posts out there (wonderful. helpful posts!) that tell you how to start a blog the easy way.  I’m going to tell you how […]

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  Greetings! I have been agonizing over this first post for months now…and the time has come to get on with it. So, I sat down on the couch with notepad and pen in hand (yes I do my best thinking the old-fashioned way) and thought… I need some coffee! Put notepad and pen down, […]

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